PaintsTorch: a User-Guided Anime Line Art Colorization Tool with Double Generator Conditional Adversarial Network.

  • Creation: 01/30/2020
  • Update: 07/30/2020

Colorization is one of the most time-consuming tasks given to an Illustrator, especially for animation, where this has to be done for every single frame. It requires knowledge in lighting, coloring, and texturing. 

Mastering these arts is not simple for humans and was considered almost impossible for the machine few years ago. Automatic Lineart colorization is a challenging task for computer vision as it is not a unique solution problem, and black-and-white linearts lack semantic information.


PaintsTorch is an AI-Powerd Automatic Colorizer. Given one anime Lineart and color hints, it uses State of the Art Deep Learning techniques to produce a high-quality illustration. PaintsTorch has been published at the 2019 CVMP venue in London.


This tool is not limited to Anime Linearts only. It can be further refined and applied to other domains such as animation, architectural drawing, fashion design, procedural video game content, and much more.