Floating Keyhole


To save the world we need to understand it. We want to apprehend climate change in terms of atmospheric parameters and bio diversity. In order to achieve this, we need to build a planetary scale network for data collectionIt has to be reliable, low cost and flexible.

In this idea we looked at lighter than air and especially on stratospheric balloons and sounding balloons. on the scale of a balloon probe it is impossible to imagine carrying a compressor and all the equipment necessary to control its altitude. To that of a stratospheric balloon we can no longer really speak of an inexpensive product and we drastically lose flexibility.

So we thought about a brand new flexible ballast system. Bio inspired, our balloon "breathes" it inspires air to descend and exhales to rise. Once the system is well enslaved we have the potential to create "satellites in atmosphere", radio antennas, altitude measurement probes, film cameras ... in a word as in a thousand the possibilities are endless and it is why I intend to develop a thesis on.