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New interactive media in our daily lives

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  • Creation: 04/01/2020
  • Update: 12/07/2020
The mirror is a tool that has existed for more than 8000 years, 8000 years during which it has not evolved. Today, digital technologies are constantly evolving and are taking more and more precedence over traditional objects. It would be a pity to abandon centuries of culture so easily, that's why our project aims to combine these 2 worlds by integrating digital technology into a traditional object, such as the mirror, in order to redefine its uses and improve its interactivity. 

We are constantly trying to develop new technologies but they do not fit well in our environment. Why not use something that is already at the heart of our homes to encourage the integration of new technologies into our daily lives?

The mirror is a good example since it is extremely widespread and used by everyone.
It has the powerful advantage of allowing the user to see himself directly in movement, which allows him to correctly visualize his gestures.  

My project the Magic Mirror is therefore an interactive support rethought to become a new media in its own right that offers a wide range of possibilities.

Concretely, applications would be for example to rethink the learning of reading for a deaf child. The mirror will bring a playful and very educational dimension to the child thanks to its reflection and dynamic interactions. 

The first intelligent mirror was born from a community of enthusiasts and represents an open source information support. This new tool attracts a lot of curious people and attracted us to create our own intelligent mirror. This medium is mainly used as a display for weather, time, news but is not pushed to the limit of its capabilities and hopes.

The Magic Mirror is made with a screen on which a reflective film is placed that transforms it into a mirror. Everything that is displayed on the screen is displayed by superimposing on the reflection of the mirror. A camera is integrated in it allowing to interact with an artificial intelligence based on deep learning and more precisely a method of 3D pose estimation.

We pushed the concept further to really make a mirror interactive at the center of our daily life. The Magic Mirror is an interactive support redesigned to become a new media that would offer a new panel of possibilities. This new mirror will bring an entertaining and innovative dimension to our daily life thanks to the reflections as well as the dynamic interactions.

In this way I invite all technophiles, research and innovation centers to participate in the development of this new media. The magic mirror will become the best ally of our daily life.

"There are those who are quickly overloaded by an absence of projects" - Grégoire Lacroix