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Combining drones, a flight arena and motion capture 

  • Creation: 03/23/2020
  • Update: 01/13/2021
Combining drones, a flight arena and motion capture

Autonomous drones is an active area of research within the robotics and AI community. Multiple laboratories are specialised in drone research: MAVLab (TU Delft), USCActLab (USC Berkeley), RPG Lab (ETH Zurich) to cite a few. Each laboratory has a software environment that can streamline their experiments. To do this, researchers need different elements:
> A drone architecture to respond to trajectory commands
> A communication protocol for commands and feedback to be sent between the drone and the control center
> A distributed framework to connect the drones to the drone arena, and with increasing complexity, allows for multiple drones to coordinate simultaneously.
The Crazyflie drone is a common choice for the first component. Developed by Bitcraze, a private company in Sweden, they also provide the second component, a communication protocol called Crazy-Fi (an alternative to Wifi if you will). For the third component, the distributed framework is an opensource ad-hoc called CrazySwarm, developed by US Berkeley.

Summary (to be continued)
This project was the subject of my internship at the DVIC.
The poster is summarised here, else head to: