Developing bot to drone interactions


Action-reaction from Unity3D bots to real drones

  • Creation: 11/19/2020
  • Update: 12/01/2020
Wouldn't it be cool if our drones could have virtual friends? If they could interact with a new environment, one that we create ourselves, where anything can happen. In this project, we develop an interconnection layer for drones to be more aware of their environment. This project lays the groundwork for mixed reality in the drone arena.

Here's a first example of the interface between our drone arena and virtual creatures.

Current work:
Project currently developed by Matteo and Txa of the DVIC.
Development of Unity to ROS infrastructure and interconnection to the drone-to-drone interaction layer. Currently we are streaming increasingly complex Event-related data from Unity3D into ROS.

We are working on collision detection as a means to interface between the two realities. This implies a certain groundwork. This video shows the drone colliding with a virtual wall, and required to land as a result.

Special thanks goes to:
  • Evgeni (EFREI): for his path following algorithm, accessible at:

Technologies involved:
Drone arena, Optitrack, Crazyflies: use of the drone platform that captures a drone's position and feeds it back in the drone's positioning loop as well as drone-to-drone interaction layer.
Unity3D: We have Optitrack-to-Unity3D streaming of rigid body 6DOF data.
ROS networking: We adopt the Crazyswarm control loop via the ROS framework. We also use a ROS action server developed at the DVIC for our custom applications.