Interative Pool Table


How to teach exact sciences ? Manipulate and assimilate from real world experiences.

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  • Creation: 01/27/2020
  • Update: 08/28/2020

Current learning methods are definitely outdated. Researches in neuroscience show that there are better ways to learn. It is essential to involve the learner to increase all his or her cognitive abilities. The development through experience and knowledge assimilation must be the core of both today’s and tomorrow’s education and pedagogy.

I am consequently suggesting a new pedagogical tool that allow to manipulate (quite manually) the formulas of mathematics, physics and other exact sciences.

My work is about transforming an everyday pool table into a real life interface for interactive learning. By using a simple camera to detect the environment, artificial intelligence system and a projector, the pool table comes to life.

The trajectories of the cue are projected, the angles are animated. The pool table is interactively rendered. It becomes a powerful pedagogical tool where mathematics, physics and kinetics are put into a tangible and concrete form. The notions are introduced at the player’s own pace at the game of pool.