Food Tech Lab

Explores new opportunities for Food

  • Creation: 10/01/2020
  • Update: 11/21/2020

The Food Tech Lab explores new opportunities for Food thanks to Technologies.

50% of food products did not exist 5 years ago: innovation will play a major role
Freddy THIBURCE (Director of centre culinaire contemporain)

The objective is to discover (cooking, pastry ...), study (molecules, 3D printing, materials ...) and explore (human-gastronomy interaction, artificial intelligence ...)

Innovation in 2050 will be an increasingly personalized cuisine, adapted to individual tastes and health needs.
Rêver le futur

We can play a role in the challenge of "How to feed humanity in 2050?"

We have to rethink the model. [...] Science helps us to evolve.
Thierry Marx (Michelin-starred chef)

Technology will help us better consume and personalize our food. A lot of work is still necessary to achieve this.

Innovation never comes on a blank sheet [...] we have lab notebooks where we write down our tests, our errors, our ideas, we go to museums ... We must be alert and work in dialogue with the chefs!
Raphaël HAUMONT (Research scientist at CFIC ORSAY)