Atelier sur les Matériaux Intelligents Electronique


A Week with Artem Dementyev from Google X Research

  • Creation: 02/21/2020
  • Update: 02/21/2020
  • Schedule: 12/09/2019

The Workshop on Electronic Manufacturing aims to introduce basic electronic design principles and to provide manufacturing techniques in order to allow participants to be autonomous in their own future electronic projects. Based on a project oriented approach, each student will learn how to create their own independent wireless node based on nrf52 bluetooth enabled microcontroller with custom sensing and acting child boards. First day will focus on teaching electronic design and Computer Assisted Design (CAD) with Altium Designer. Three days will be dedicated on personal electronic board manufacturing. Finally the last day will be an introduction to advance software for embedded systems based on Contiki OS for Wireless Sensor Networking.

Dr. Artem Dementyev - MIT MediaLab

Artem Dementyev recently completed his Ph.D. at the MIT Media Lab. In his research, he builds new sensor platforms. The application areas fall into many disciplines; tangible and smart materials, wearable interfaces, robotics, and medical devices. His research has been presented at top human-computer interaction venues such as CHI, UIST, and Ubicomp. He received NSF graduate fellowship and best paper award at UIST, honorable mention awards at CHI and Ubicomp. His research has been featured in BBC, MIT Tech Review, CNN, Wired, as well as multiple other media outlets. Artem received an undergraduate degree in Bioengineering at the University of Maryland and a Master in Electrical Engineering at the University of Washington. Artem works currently at Google X.