Innovation, Research and Manufacturing (IRM)


The DVIC's programm aims at developing transdisciplinarity learning, in designing, engineering and development skills, based on today's social concerns. The goal is for the students to build a portfolio of ambitious projects, highlighted through contests, publications and press. They learn to work as a transversal team of IIM and ESILV graduates, in order to drive these projects and lead to the publication of a master thesis. Tranversal electives are also created to introduce this master to undergraduate students, and to invite EMLV students to come work on real business development cases.

The post-diploma perspectives open up on the creation of start-ups, Product Manager jobs or the pursuit of doctoral studies. The target trades are of high added value since the students will have the understanding of the languages ​​of engineer, designer and business in order to pilot heterogeneous teams. Intensive lessons form the scientific, technical and human prerequisites necessary for project management, teamwork and new technologies. The program is detailed below; it is still subject to change.

This program is open to a total of 25 graduate students from ESILV (15 places) and IIM (10 places) without work-study programs. Each student receives the diploma from their home institution.