• 12, Avenue Leonard de Vinci 92400 COURBEVOIE
  • Creation: 02/02/2020
  • Update: 02/27/2021

The students who are enrolled in the De Vinci Innovation Center major are part of a larger community of dreamers and makers. They benefit from educational programs to develop their creativity, their knowledge and skills, whether it be scientific, technical, entrepreneurial or associative.

The educational programs seek to develop both soft and hard skills in order to teach the students to make and to be part of a work group. Sharing in confidence and the ability to see from the perspective of collaborators are the core of a community that can then support the projects and the ambitions of its members. New pedagogies are implemented like radical learning, antidisciplinarity and collective intelligence.

We explore the frontlines of technology in fields such as artificial intelligence, collaborative robotics, Human-Computer interactions, Life and the organic and many others. These technologies benefit from studies to adress the challenges of our society, namely against climate change and our adaptation, healthcare, care for the elderly, playful learning, sport performance and the conquest of space.

The methods we use to conduct our research take shape as smart clothes and wearables, tangible interfaces, artificial intelligence, robots, drones and many others.

These curriculums are open to students of Master and PhD level but many Bachelor-level students participate in our research.