"Some hate their family of flesh, but we always love our family of the mind" - Maurice Chapelan

  • Creation: 07/16/2019
  • Update: 04/03/2020

The student societies at the De Vinci Innovation Center are a fundamental catalyst in the technical training of our students. They learn to lead ambitious and professional projects in their fields of expertise. This associative environment is vital to the growth, year after year, of a community of Makers passionate about skills as diverse as their projects.

These 5 student societies organise themselves within robotics, Do It Yourself and future means of transport, whether it be electrical, smart, with wheels, spatial or naval, tomorrow it will be autonomous. Their menbers of student and staff share their work, their expertise and their enthusiasm with the rest of the community of the Pôle Léonard de Vinci.

Each year, our societies renew themselves in their membership but also their governance and their range of projects. Feel free to come participate in the various events organised throughout the year and you might find your future association.