« Learning does not appear as the result of teaching! » Edith Ackermann.

Master and PhD students of the Innovation Track discover new learning and project building methods. This transversal program is proposed to all student of our three schools in order to stimulate interests, skills and cultural mixity. Three major key elements define the orientation of our working methods :

  • The Radical Learning bases pratical experimentations at the beginning of the learning process in order to leverage theorical concepts.

  • The Anti-Disciplinarity is a philosophical consideration of escaping the specialization in order to maximize creativity and complexity estimation of every study domains.

  • The Collective Intelligence allows a group of student to develop a collective mind in which everyone understands that the group interest leverages the interest of everyone and not the opposite.
These incremental approaches of project developpment allows the working group to develop a symbiotic movement in which the participant diversity leverages the research of invariant points in ideas, crafting, and knowledge.

This program is built over the two years by alterning technological exploration, discover of others and project developpements in the perspective of writing a useful thesis. The pedagogic scheme for each semester is based on:

  • The Openning is a set of visits of other places in which Media, Arts and Sciences are explored such as in inter-disciplinary lab, Hacker Space or artist residency. At this moment, student figures out what can interest them.

  • The Technological Expedition is a personal work of exploring a new technological domain. Each student has to develop a deep expertise of a technological or technic domain in order to provide his service to the group.

  • The Rush is a brainstorming between every member of the group in order to identify a subset of realist projects according to the group skills. At this time, the group starts to identify the societal aspect that they want to address.

  • The Next Stop is the step of Demo or Die which opens the door for a valorisation though the participation at a student challenge, a research publication, a pattern or the first step for a startup creation.

All along the track, the student follows different workshops and hackathons in order to improve their skills and solving mind.

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