The transdisciplinary research lab of the Leonard de Vinci Pole

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The De Vinci Innovation Center is the transdisciplinary expertise center of the Léonard de Vinci Pole. Its post-graduate and doctorate programs offer a unique opportunity of exploring new methods built on radical learning, antidisciplinarity and collective thinking. The moto "Demo or Die" inherited from the MIT MediaLab is carried by science, technologies and human values, in order to address the big challenges of our society. This center also offers research residencies, and supports several student associations focused on technology.

Our infrastructures includes a FabLab with FDD/SLA 3D printing, a manufacturing SMD electronic lab, an lab of soft and active matters (textile and elastomers for instance), a workshop, a High Performance Computing farm with GPU and a 4D room dedicated to virtual reality and immersive simulations.

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