DUHART Clément


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Clément DUHART is a researcher interested in Ambient Intelligent Systems in which Internet of Things meets Artificial Intelligence. My research focus on the closed learning loop between machine, human and our environment. Since the early days of our technology, human being had to learn how to use its own tools. Today in a world where the technology is everywhere and complex as never, we need to design technology able to manage themself in order to save our time. Such systems had to adapt themself to the requirements, the expertise and the desires of the users which will allow technology to be democratized over the world and over all generations.

Technology can be also our Achilles' heel as our current model of development against our planet. Hence I decided to orient my research applications of such technologies on the study of bio-ecological systems and the reinforcement of public engagements in the protection of our common knowledge database of the living world. 

Since several years, I give lectures in various domains and universities in order to enlight the necessity for human being of breaking down our current model of expertise learning. Multi-disciplinarity and even anti-dsciplinarity allows people to develop alternative ideas and models at the same time that our cognition evolves from cumulative learning toward associative memory.

The whole is different than the sum of its part. Kurt Koffka.

I received two M.Sc. degrees in 2012 from the University of Pierre et Marie Curie Paris VI in Artificial Intelligence and Decisions and from ECE Paris Engineering School in Embedded Systems. I got a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science in Le Havre University in 2016 applied on Organic Ambient Intelligence before to join the Responsive Environment Group at the Medialab of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.